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Mothercell Biosciences is the World’s Biggest Dental Stem Cell bank equipped with the most advanced cutting edge technologies embedded in every aspects of the laboratory. Mothercell Biosciences has been established by the most experienced, highly qualified & passionate TEAM in its own property at Hyderabad. Mothercell’s Dental Stem Cell banking laboratory meets the international standards & the best Global practices without any compromises.

Our Process


Enroll with Mothercell

Initiate the process of Dental stem cell banking by enrolling with Mothercell. Before you enroll, our team will ensure that you have understood the concept comprehensively including the benefits, payment plans ,modes of payment for Stemcell banking. Pick the payment plan that is convenient for you and we will set you up for the next step. A unique and exclusive IBN(International Barcode Number) is allocated for every child.


OPG Evaluation & Screening

Dental OPG is a full mouth X-Ray which provides an insight into the eruption stages of the permanent teeth and exfoliation stage of the milk teeth. It is an important tool in identifying the ideal tooth for stem cell banking.
Determination of the ideal tooth for stem cell banking is a critical step in the entire process. We have a panel of specialists who go through the Dental OPG, decide the ideal tooth and ideal time for tooth collection. We shall then co-ordinate this with you to fix up an appointment for tooth collection, which is convenient for you and the doctor.


Tooth Collection & transportation

All the tooth collections are done in completely sterile conditions in state-of-the-art dental clinics by highly skilled and qualified specialists On the day of tooth collection, we personally oversee the entire process in the dental clinic. Our team member will be present to ensure that every protocol is followed to give a non-painful and pleasant tooth collection experience to your child. Transportation is another critical and quality dictating step in the entire procedure. Mothercell’s logistics team is highly capable of transporting a sample from any part on the globe without compromising the quality of the sample. This is achieved by our proprietary transportation kit which maintains the viability of the sample by regulating the temperature between 2-8 degrees centigrade for 48-72 hours. This gives us ample time to deliver the sample from the dental clinic to our processing room.


Sample Processing and Cryopreservation

The Processing protocol followed by our scientists is the USP of Mothercell. Every sample goes through a series of tests before it becomes eligible for cryo-preservation. Sterility: The sample is tested for its sterility for the presence of any micro-organisms like bacteria & fungi. Quantity: The sample is tested for the basic threshold number of stem cells. This depends on the age of the child, the teeth that is collected and the amount of pulp harvested from the sample. Proliferation: The sample is tested for the capacity of stemcells to multiply without losing their stem cell nature. This is reported in terms of Passages (P1, P2, P3….) Stemcells should be able to proliferate without losing their stemcell characteristics and also without undergoing any mutations. This test also provides a stability standard for the sample. Viability: Viability is defined as the ability of the cells that survived in the process before cryopreservation. As mentioned earlier the stem cells are preserved at -172℃ to -196℃. But for clinical applications, the stem cells are brought back to the room temperature. This process is called thawing. Few cells of the sample do not survive in the process. So before preserving the sample, we check the viability of the sample. It should be equal to or more than 92% to be eligible for preservation. MSC(Mesenchymal Stem Cells) Characterization: MSC are characterized by their response towards certain surface cluster-differentiation (CD) markers. MSC’s from any tissue source must react positively for CD73, CD90 & CD105 surface markers and negatively for CD34 & CD45 markers. Mothercell protocol mandates this test for every sample. Growth properties: We check & certify the growth properties and morphology of the mesenchymal stem cells that are going to be preserved. Once the sample tests positive for all the above procedures it will proceed for cryopreservation. If the sample fails any of the above mentioned tests, it will be rejected and next available tooth is collected. Cryopreservation is done in liquid nitrogen tanks with temperatures ranging from -172℃ to -196℃. The sample is never preserved on the child’s name. It is preserved on the with IBN assigned for every child to avoid duplication.


Preservation Certificate & Report

Once the sample is successfully preserved, a report of all the tests performed on the sample and a preservation certificate is issued which wiil be delivered to you by one of our Mothercell Team members.
If the sample is rejected for cryo-preservation at the laboratory because of any of the reasons, then one more sample will be collected as per the OPG evaluation without any additional financial charges and we will inform the same to customer in writing.

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Biggest Dental Stemcell Bank
Biggest Dental Stemcell Bank
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Quality by Design
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Advanced Equipment
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Experienced Team
Experienced Team

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