Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Data:

At Mothercell Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. We take privacy and security concerns prominently. At the same time, we would like to give you the best possible experience when visiting websites. Therefore, we collect some information that we you are browsing on the Mothercell Biosciences Pvt Ltd. Online portals. This could for example be information on which pages you go to and which features you click on.
The website collects only personally identifiable information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by visitors and existing customers for payments. Such information may consist of, but not limited to, your Name, Place ,Date, Address for communication, email address, contact of any for further communication.

What does Mothercell Biosicences Pvt Ltd use the data for?

Personal information is used for necessary and limited purposes only. For example when register to gain access to premium content, respond to survey or request future communications about specific areas of interest, the information you submit may be used to respond you; to create a personal profile that will allow the website to manage relationship with you, such as providing you with information Mothercell Biosciences Pvt Ltd .feel would be of interest to you or to facilitate responding to further requests or enquiries from you; or to personalize your website experience.